Zope3 mindmap or concept map

Just to show how accessible knowledge can be.

nederhoed Hello, I have plans for a simple FreeMind mindmap product for Zope3 does that sound interesting to anyone? maybe I should say "thoughts about" instead of plans :) tekNico nederhoed: here`s a thought. mind maps are usually hierarchical, and therefore too limited to reach their goal. the original "concept map" concept seems more useful, and generally applicable. I have a few more links to recommend, if you are interested... :-) well, two will suffice. nederhoed merci, I`ll check them out. * tekNico (n=tekNico@pdpc/supporter/active/tekNico) heeft #zope3-dev verlaten ("See you later")

Wikipedia: Mind mapping, Concept mapping
Christpoher Alexander: A City is not a Tree
Clay Shirky: Ontology is overrated (a must-read!)

tekNico does not seam to be supportive of my mindmapping product. Let’s just figure out the concept of Conceptmapping first then.


2 Responses to “Zope3 mindmap or concept map”

  1. Robert Anderson Says:

    I like the idea of a zope/plone Product that can parse and display a Freemind file.

    I use freemind to develop talks for my local linux group. I’m looking into switching to a plone based site but would like to be able to use my freemind outlines on the plone site. I’m guessing that the exported HTML version would work, but I have not tested it yet.

    vym is also a possability, but I have grown to like the Freemind UI and keybindings.

  2. Roland Says:

    I am starting to get my head around some of the differences between concept and mind mapping. There is an opensource project worth exploring that may already do what you are thinking about here. It is called CMap and it is possible for several people to collaborate at once on a single concept map. http://cmap.ihmc.us

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