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Digital Consumer Rights

November 17, 2005

consumer digital rightsHow aware are you of your digital freedom? Do you share music? Do you copy movies? takes a stand for our basic rights when buying digital products.

You can even sign the online petition, to show you’re supportive. As I did.

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Standardize! II

November 16, 2005

I was just wondering, isn’t it time for the world to switch to a single temperature scale?

If yes, what would you prefer, Fahrenheit or Celsius?

fahrenheit celsius
Image found at USA Today

Why aint we living…

November 11, 2005

Why ain’t we livin’
living together?
Instead of being so
so far

— Beegees, Living Together (Spirits having flown, 1979)

It’s not official yet, no contract has been signed, but starting next December, Margie and I will be living together! Sharing a nice apartment in a better area of The Hague.

Exciting times.

The Meatrix

November 1, 2005

Some of you know I’ve been a (wannabe*) vegetarian for some time now. This has a lot to do with two previous posts: Answers: No Logo and Vote with your euros.

I just stumbled upon this very cool animation about animal welfare, antibiotic resistant bacteria, pollution and destroyed communities.

the meatrix

*) A term a real vegetarian used for my eating behaviour. What would you call the behaviour of eating a vegetarian diet 96.5% of the time?