The Meatrix

Some of you know I’ve been a (wannabe*) vegetarian for some time now. This has a lot to do with two previous posts: Answers: No Logo and Vote with your euros.

I just stumbled upon this very cool animation about animal welfare, antibiotic resistant bacteria, pollution and destroyed communities.

the meatrix

*) A term a real vegetarian used for my eating behaviour. What would you call the behaviour of eating a vegetarian diet 96.5% of the time?


One Response to “The Meatrix”

  1. merm Says:

    The message of the Meatrix is more about sustainable meat and dairy than being vegetarian I think. But obviously if someone is a vegetarian it avoids some of these issues although sustainable produce is a problem too that deserves attention. Anyway, it’s really clever.

    They have a sequel film coming out soon. See

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