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Design Patterns Club The Hague

December 28, 2005

Is anyone from The Hague interested in forming a “Design Patterns Club”? Like a local Special Interest Group.

Zijn er mensen uit Den Haag ge├»nteresseerd in het vormen van een “Design Patterns Club”?


How easy is it to screw up? Very easy

December 16, 2005

Michael Feathers reflects on the tendency to make software easier to be written.

“We keep doing things in the industry to make programming easier. What do we get? We get poorly written, unmaintainable code in many cases.”

Is programming too easy? found on

In my opinion people tend to think they are good programmers when they know the ins and outs of some language. While in fact a good programmer can see abstractions, knows how parts of the context relate to each other, sees what stays the same en what varies and then finally can translate this model to some implementation in some programming language.

The article reminded me of an argument between two of my colleagues when discussing the introduction of a typical release line: development, test and production servers.

“But then it will be harder to quickly repair bugs!?”

“Yes, and it will be harder to introduce bugs quickly”

Both were right.