Google Finance II: rereview

After having used Google Finance (GF) for over a month, it’s time to share my opinions briefly.

Pro: Easy portfolio, Highly interactive graph, Integrated articles, Holistic company profile

Contra: Bad support for european markets, Beta status, Simple portfolio


1. Easy portfolio
I like its simplicity. This view enables seeing the portfolio status at a glance.

Google Finance
google finance portfolio ahold

Yahoo! Finance
yahoo finance portfolio ahold

People claim correctly that GF is lacking many features compared to Yahoo! Finance (YF). Personally, I don’t miss them yet. But I’m not an experienced YF user.

2. Highly interactive chart
The chart makes zooming in on past stock values really easy. A bit to my surprise, GF uses Flash for the graph.
(See the Con’s section for some critical remarks)

3. Integrated articles
google finance graph emagin

4. Holistic company profile
The company view shows stock quotes, company and management info, related companies, news, blog and forum articles and links to more resources all very accissible on one page.

yahoo finance company view emagin
Heavily clipped and cropped company view (click for complete image)


1. Bad support for european markets
Although the faq states that GF supports “international markets such as Amsterdam“, try searching for AEX.

For example, information on Royal Ahold, a large multinational listed at Euronext is outdated and inconsistent.

google finance ahold chart
Clipped and cropped chart for AMS:AHLN, screenshot d.d. 2006-04-24.

2. Beta status
Beta seems to be an excuse for some small flaws. Charts sometimes have a Y-axis starting with negative values. Possibly resulting from using a linear scale.
google finance chart negative axis
Negative value in Y-axis

3. Simple portfolio
Every disadvantage has its advantage. Simplicity has its values. But with a larger portfolio, it would be nice to be able to sort and group the contents into multiple portfolios.

The developers clearly left out functionality one would normally expect in a stock portfolio: no dates associated with the aqcuisition of your stock, your gains and losses are not tracked.

GF is still young, at this moment, a more demanding user will miss features at GF.

Please notify me of incorrect spelling and points I missed, it’s after midnight, too late to be bright minded.


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