Jonathan Schwartz in Forbes

Quotes by Sun’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz from a Forbes’ article by Elizabeth Corcoran.

“when there’s a change in leadership, you get an opportunity to revisit all the basic assumptions.”

“One of the things tough to explain to folks is that revenue is a lagging indicator. The biggest customers we have today are really the customers that subscribed to our core hardware and software architectures a decade ago. So when you’re investing in free and open source software–and free computers, for that matter, and free storage–you’re investing in that next generation of architecture wins that will yield significant revenue.”

“Here are some stats on Java: There are more than 1 billion Java cards in the marketplace, securing everything from set-top boxes to handsets. There are more than a billion Java handsets, all driving demand for network infrastructure.”

“Simplicity is often very complex to engineer.” *)

“When it comes to efficiency, there are no two bigger fans in Sun than Mike Lehman [Sun’s chief financial officer] and me. That’s why we’ve decided to share an office.”

*) Is he referring to Java? 😉


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