OmniGraffle equivalent anyone?

apple switch ellen feissCan someone point me to a Linux or Win equivalent of OmniGraffle?

Somehow there just doesn’t seem to be a diagramming application that is clean, nifty, small and easy to use. Yes, I’ve tried SmartDraw but it doesn’t suit my needs. I downloaded a Visio trial (over 100MB!?), but have not evaluated it yet.

Or is it time to switch to OS X?


4 Responses to “OmniGraffle equivalent anyone?”

  1. Chris Says:

    From the screenshot, inkscape looks like it’s doing the same things. I’ve used XaraX for a while, and that wasn’t too bad, visio was way worse though. Maybe they catched up a little in the years since.

  2. nederhoed Says:

    For as far as I know, it is not possible in Inkscape to make a fixed connection between workflow (graph) elements.

    What I want, is to be able to draw a graph with some connected nodes. And when I drag a node, all connections should be layed-out automatically. As in Smartdraw or Visio. But then without all the extra features!

    Preferably some simple XML graph implementation.

  3. nederhoed Says:

    How wrong can one be! Thanks Chris, Inkscape does provide what I was looking for. Must have overlooked that half a year ago.

    I just upgraded to Inkscape 0.43 and there was a ‘Create connectors’ button smiling at me in the toolbox 🙂

  4. R.R. Nederhoed Says:

    Currently, I find Open Office Draw even more easy to use than Inkscape. In Inkscape you can’t keep text and it’s shape together easily. Or you loose the connection points.

    And still even OO Draw is not as easy as it could be. In Draw is is necessary to choose a point on the shape to connect to.

    Shapes with some text and connecting arrows. How hard can it be?

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