Retournés de la France

As of today, we’re back from three weeks vacation through Germany (Dortmund), Switzerland (Geneve) and France (Riquewihr, Annemasse, Annecy, Vaux-les-St-Claud). Three weeks of doing almost nothing 🙂

The total time I spent on the internet was just 1.5 hours! Most of it taken by deleting spam e-mails and spam comments from this weblog. The few times that I did want to send an e-mail, internet access was just not available. Somehow, France seems to be some years behind on The Netherlands. Internet cafés are hard to find. Many companies don’t have e-mail at their own domain, but rather with wanadoo: And, very inconvenient, most shops close between 12:00 and 14:30. But hey, I did get a rest!

One of the activities I did allow myself to do was reading. My holiday selection:

Of these, Linked is the only book I’ve read entirely so far.

Since my job switch, over a year ago, I really picked up reading. My goal is to read a book every week. Since I have a habit of starting to read a new book before having finished the last, it is a bit hard to monitor how many books I read a week. I estimate my current rate is 0.5 book a week.

To monitor my progress, I intend to post a short note on every book I’ve finished. So, expect a post on Linked next weekend.


One Response to “Retournés de la France”

  1. K Nederhoed Says:

    I stumbled onto your site today… or did it find me? Sounds like an interesting book. I look forword to your comments.

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