OLPC: Python for transparency

At the end of One Laptop per Childs Human Interface Guidelines / Design Fundamentals:


OLPC also hopes to encourage the children […] to explore the technology under the surface. […] a view source key has been added to the laptop keyboards, providing them with […] the code that enables the activities that they use from day to day.

[…] OLPC has written much of what can be in Python, a scripting language, to enable children to view the source code.

Their SVG page reads this notable development guideline:

Authors of OLPC content should try to use SVG wherever possible. Only use bitmaps such as JPEG or PNG where it is not possible to use SVG.

As a sidenote, their Python page pointed me to Movable Python. This product enables you to run Python programs from your USB memory stick, without installing software on the PC you’re using. Sounds like something I will be using.


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