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In The Shilly Night – Karin Fredrika

June 23, 2007

via Frits Abrahams (dutch, pdf)


More Anti Patterns

June 22, 2007

Scott Berkun and commenters summed up undesirable methodologies like Development By Denial, Never Ending Story Development and Learned Helplessness Development.

Although I believe it’s best to focus on the positive, by visualizing how things should be done, recognizing failing strategies can be fun. And instructive.

Mr. Berkun happens to be the author of The art of project management and The myths of innovation. Both on my wishlist.

Via Vattekkat Satheesh Babu on Planet Python.

XML Topic Maps quotation on HyTime

June 2, 2007

Chapter 3, page 45, footnote 16:

HyTime is a holistic solution to the question of how to create metadata assets that impose all kinds and combinations of arbitrary alternative structures on arbitrary sets of arbitrary information resources.

— Steven R. Newcomb in A perspective on the quest for global knowledge interchange (pdf)

I bet the author must have smiled when he wrote this sentence. Just as I did after reading it (at least twice).