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Pushing OOXML

September 15, 2007

Would you expect a technical specification to be human readable? Would you expect it to be even more human readable when it’s an “open” specification?

Now take a look at the picture below, would you consider this pile of paper — being the 6000 pages OOXML spec — human readable?

6000 pages

Someone is in a hurry trying to get a specification ISO certified, without having a correct, accessible specification.


Four weeks in Ghana

September 1, 2007

For those wondering where I’ve been lately: Ghana. Stories, pictures and even a movie clip on (dutch).

I put some pictures online at

point7 tamale
Relaxing at Point7 in Tamale

akoma network
Fabricating UTP cables in Akoma Computer School Tamale

egg sandwich hohoe
Broodje ei (egg sandwich) in Hohoe

golden beach resort prampram
Breakfast at the Golden Beach Resort in Prampram

fort lijdsaamheid view apam
View from our room in Fort Lijdzaamheid (Fort Patience)