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XML Topic Maps explained

January 9, 2008

The semantic web has been above my radar for some time now. Still I find it hard to grasp the available standards. My focus has been primarily on XTM (XML Topic Maps). Sure, I’ve read the TAO and played around with online examples. I even presented the concepts of the semantic web to 20 non-tech colleagues.

But… crafting a nifty simple XTM document myself? Not yet. It’s verbose. It’s hard.

Tonight, I found an apprehensive introduction: The Topic Maps Handbook (pdf). Pages 12 to 15 will get you up to speed with your first XTM. I chose ATC definitions as a domain for my topic map (see below). It’s a start.

Next step is visualization. I’m considering XSLT => dot => PNG. More on that later, if I succeed.