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Effective use of social media tools

June 28, 2009

This news item shows how social media tools can be applied to reconstruct dramatic events. It’s an enlightening example of accidental collaboration using mobile phones and services such as Twitter.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Needless to say: we had a good laugh.


Open up for OpenID

March 24, 2008

One up for Michael Arrington:

It’s time for these companies to do what’s right for the users and fully adopt OpenID as relying parties. That doesn’t fit in with their strategy of owning the identity of as many Internet users as possible, but it certainly fits in with the Internet’s very serious need for an open, distributed and secure single log in system (OpenID is all three).

With “these companies” referring to AOL, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. I couldn’t agree more.

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Twitter me Tweet

February 6, 2008

I’ve been infected: (RSS)

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XML Topic Maps quotation on HyTime

June 2, 2007

Chapter 3, page 45, footnote 16:

HyTime is a holistic solution to the question of how to create metadata assets that impose all kinds and combinations of arbitrary alternative structures on arbitrary sets of arbitrary information resources.

— Steven R. Newcomb in A perspective on the quest for global knowledge interchange (pdf)

I bet the author must have smiled when he wrote this sentence. Just as I did after reading it (at least twice).

Object Oriented JavaScript the prototype way

March 16, 2007

Since I rediscoved JavaScript, I have made some serious efforts programming single page fun applications in an OO fashion. Nevermind reinventing Todo lists and of course I want my own mashup!

Somehow, I kept bumping my head into the prototype way of OO in JS. For example, losing the this reference to my instance when calling a prototyped method of my own class.

If you recognize my experience, read Object-oriented JavaScript by Greg Brown on It sets your OO mind right in 10 minutes.

See also Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript page (from the comments on

You can become my colleague

February 28, 2007

sfk logoThe company I work for (SFK) is looking for a full-time Data Warehouse Developer (m/f).

You should know how to program OO, preferably in Python. Be keen on Linux and open source in general. Know how to handle large databases. Your dutch should be fluent (sorry about that).

They’re nice to me.

What’s the catch? You’ll end up working closely with me 🙂

Negative Captcha

January 26, 2007

In case you’re being troubled by comment spam bots, a negative captcha might be the solution.

I read about it last week. Today already, I might use it for a subscription form at work. My colleague complained about her mail box being littered with fake subscriptions. To the rescue!

Don’t make me think!

January 13, 2007

book coverLast weekend I finally read Steve Krug’s Don’t make me think (2nd edition). One of the few books I actually read entirely. And this one even within two days. Not only because it’s easy to read. Also because it is a fun book, with valuable content.

The first edition dates back to 2001. After encountering several references to this book as ‘a classic’, I figured I should read it.

If you’re in a profession related to publishing on the web – who isn’t these day? – than I can only recommend you to read mister Krug’s work. It provides you with some usability basics, without getting boringly scientific.

Microformats: vCard / hCard

January 10, 2007
  1. Running Firefox
  2. Installed the Greasemonkey extension
  3. Installed Microformats finder
  4. What will happen when I view the hCard data below?

photo Robert-Reinder Nederhoed

The Hague, The Netherlands

This hCard created with the hCard creator.

Vision for current web industry giants

January 2, 2007

Nice article by John Milan:

Elephants and Evolution

“How the landscape is changing for Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and Adobe”

Found via Information Architects