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Evening photoshoot with Margie (and more)

May 22, 2009

Margie and I went for a walk in the evening sun. We had a mission: try out my new SLR camera. I’m very pleased with the resulting photography. And how I love Flickr! My PC is still busy uploading… we took 300 pictures of which about a hundred passed our judgment.

What do you think?

robert-reinder nederhoed

Other shots of the day:

Dave at his little shop, around 13:00h

My colleague Danielle during lunch break, around 12:30h


New camera Canon EOS 1000D

May 18, 2009

And I’m happy with it. Went to a nearby park yesterday with Kessie.

kessie reflected in a pool
A mysterious pool

Restored balance

March 14, 2009

Okay, I’m almost back. After a few months of too much work and no play, combined with no sporting (painful knee), the revival of a nasty habit (smoking) and hardly any motivation to cook a healthy meal, I seem to have refound a balance.

Two weeks ago I stopped smoking and stopped working long hours. I even took some days off. Today I will be running the 10km CPC in The Hague. As a preparation I have been on a high-protein diet and trained regularly. With results:

last 3 months

last 30 days

Oh I have to leave. The run starts in 2 hours, wish me luck!

Your daily dose of tulips, wooden shoes, hashish and hookers

January 3, 2009
CC jot.punkt on Flickr

CC jot.punkt

If you’re interested in the Dutch language, please visit my new blog DailyDutch. There I will daily post a short audio or video clip about Holland and the Dutch language.

Please let me know what you think.

You can become my colleague

February 28, 2007

sfk logoThe company I work for (SFK) is looking for a full-time Data Warehouse Developer (m/f).

You should know how to program OO, preferably in Python. Be keen on Linux and open source in general. Know how to handle large databases. Your dutch should be fluent (sorry about that).

They’re nice to me.

What’s the catch? You’ll end up working closely with me 🙂

Joined Fon

December 7, 2006

fon logoToday I ordered my “La Fonero“, so I can choose to share my internet access point.

The question rises: will I be a Linus or a Bill?

(Linus by heart, Bill by wallet)

Python meeting The Hague 2006-06-14

May 30, 2006

Please feel invited to join the next Python Users NL meeting in the Hague on wednesday the 14th of June.

2006-06-14 19.30 – 22.00
Ondernemerscafé, Hooikade 56, Den Haag

Subjects, so far:

  • Dynamic SVG using Python (SVG, JavaScript, CSS)
  • Generating PDF from Zope (DocBook XML, ZPT, XSLT, FO)

I happen to be the organiser, so if you’re proud of something Python-related, let me know and I’ll give you an audience.

PUN meeting Den Haag outcome

August 5, 2005

A short note before bed:

Presentation links:
Rob Hooft, Bruker AXS

Martijn Pieters, Pareto
Wing IDE, Chronolog

Social talk links:
Erik van Blokland, LetError

Etienne Posthumus

Jan Murre, Pareto

Reinout van Rees, Zest

PUN meeting next thursday

August 1, 2005

I will be attending the Python Users Nederland meeting thursday the 4th of August in The Hague.

One of the advantages of living in the Randstad: one is always closer to interesting events.