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Game, Set and Match

July 13, 2006

tennisbal tennis balltennisbal tennis balltennisbal tennis ball


Marriage and science don’t mix

July 7, 2006

“Really, what’s the point of discovering the greatest thing in the world if you have no one to tell it to when you come home?”

— Bob in Marriage And Great Science Don’t Mix

Found at Steve Mitchell’s

The craft of web development

July 7, 2006

Yesterday I phoned with a developer from the company some other department hired to build a web application. Some months ago, I mailed him that they delivered a product with over 400 validation warnings per page.

validate w3c html validator

When I referred to the email, in which I advertised Firefox and the validation extension, he responded:

“Oh. Yes. You have been playing around with Firefox and extensions and stuff.”

So I told him again that his company is generating invalid HTML. His reaction was:

“We don’t generate the HTML. It is a .Net application, and it generates lots of stuff.”

That was when I decided to try to validate their company website. The HTML doesn’t even start with ‘<html>’… I didn’t bother to tell them.

validate prolific

Currency Converter: FXConverter

July 7, 2006

A service I highly value: converting currency on a given date. In my case: converting expenses in dollars to euros.

oanda fxconverter

Very useful when filling in company declaration forms for my regular IT book shopping with Amazon 🙂